Bellevue, Washington
Dallas, Texas

Core Capabilities

Environmental Branding
Signage & Wayfinding

Technology company VMware recently underwent a series of new regional and global buildouts as part of their expansion and workspace realignment to attract and retain top talent. As part of this effort, M-O drew from VMware’s sophisticated, yet energetic brand language to create Environmental Branding and Signage Guidelines that improve brand consistency, complement the architecture and enliven the space.

Environmental brand assets are intentionally designed as a flexible system, allowing different user groups and global locations to cater to their local culture.

Bellevue, Washington Office

Working closely with the architectural design team, we created graphics which tie into finishes, incorporated local photography, and provided a custom display that relates the environmental story of the space to its employees.

For the Bellevue office, an architectural wood element flows down the circulation paths and connects two floors through a connecting stair. By utilizing reclaimed wood as a major architectural feature of the Bellevue space, the design supports the client’s commitment to sustainability and the state of Washington’s important history in lumber production. We also designed a custom display to relate the client’s environmental story to their employees and give background information on the particular wood used in the space.

Dallas, Texas Office

For the Dallas office, an implied wooden tunnel curves and folds to create and activated circulation path throughout the open office space. The tunnel’s walls are made permeable by perforating them using an algorithm unique to each neighborhood. The pattern of the perforations acts as a wayfinding device while the perforated walls strategically screen the inhabitants.


Client: VMware
Architect: Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
Fabrication: Airpark Signs & Graphics
Photography: Mark Woods, Charles Davis Smith


Interior Design Magazine Best of Year Award, 2015