Eugene, Oregon

Core Capabilities

Brand Strategy
User Experience
Art Direction
Environmental Branding

CA Ventures sought to develop a student housing community in Eugene, Oregon that  meshed with the local culture and created a place that University of Oregon students could identify with. Guided by these objectives, M-O initiated a research plan which resulted in two key findings: First, that neighboring competitors were collectively playing off a modern, yet unspecific brand concept. Second, was that students overwhelmingly desired an “unique” and “active” housing option that they could be proud to call home. The team developed a brand strategy rooted in outdoor adventure and the notion of  “escaping the familiar.” We call it the “Uncommon.”

A restricted logo allows for the name’s mantra to take center stage as bright colors and earthy active patterns tie to the leisure outdoor lifestyle of University of Oregon students.

Uncommoners are trendsetters who don’t try too hard. We’re connected but bold enough to unplug. Uncommoners live on the edge but just down the street. We’re worldly adventurers who find inspiration in our own backyard. We seek thrills just outside our front door.

Brand assets were rolled into website, giveaways, brochures and advertisements while student lifestyle photography featured local Eugene student outdoor culture.

There’s common and then there’s Uncommon.
We live in the latter.

Need a retreat? Then, escape the familiar.
Break away from the commonplace.
Embrace the Uncommon.

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“I love Uncommon’s amenities! My roommates and I use the gym, study lounge, hot tub, and balcony area on the regular.”

– Tierra Castro

This collateral is the bomb dot com, and I cannot wait to live in this place. I am uncommon and to me this place is exactly what I was looking for in the college experience. What have I been missing all my life!



Client: CA Student Living
Web Development: Alex Fortney
Renderings: Luis Tejeda
Lifestyle Photography: Tess Freeman