School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Chicago, Illinois

Core Capabilities

Exhibition & Installation
Environmental Branding

To honor donors and Board of Trustees members for their investment in the college, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago commissioned Media Objectives to create an engaging donor wall in the main lobby of the new LeRoy Neiman Center. Inspired by the school’s core values—rigor, experimentation, playfulness and invention—the team designed an art installation all its own.

Typeset in slotted panels revealed in light and shadow, donor names are both there and not there. This is the nature of giving. – SEGD Global Design Award Jury

Donor Wall

The installation features a slotted panel design, creating a system that can be easily altered as names are added or removed. Each slot contains a series of edge-painted acrylic blades that have been die-cut with a given name. Colors were selected to compliment a nearby LeRoy Neiman painting and also reference contribution level.

An integrated lighting system interplays with each blade to a cast shadow of individual names onto the wall surface below, bringing the installation to life. The repetition of this technique creates a unique and visually captivating installation that not only honors contributors, but captures the spirit of SAIC.

The shadow poetically implies how institutional contributions by donors and alumni are at times out of the students perception, but critical to their education.

Environmental Graphics

Apart from the installation, M-O created a refined dot pattern to add visual punch to the elevator lobby and also create a degree of privacy for offices and classrooms.


Client: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Architect: Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
Donor Wall Fabrication: Serigraphics
Graphics Production: Cushing Co.
Photography: Romina Tonucci / VDTA


SEGD Global Design Award, 2016
Core77 Design Awards, 2016
Archigraphia Redux, 2016