Maggie Daley Park


Chicago, Illinois

Core Capabilities

Exhibition & Installation
Signage & Wayfinding

As part of a full renovation of Maggie Daley Park in Chicago, M-O developed an integrated signage and donor recognition system inspired by the landscape and architectural elements of the park. The signage system takes on a playful aesthetic to reflect the essence of leisure the park provides.

Donor Wall

Abstracted topography paints the backdrop for donor names, pulling the landscape of the park into a space within the prominent public fieldhouse. Donor names utilize a blocky utilitarian typeface as an extension of landscape architectural details which mixes an urban-sport aesthetic with the roughness of nature.

Materials mimic the seasonal changes of the city and their effect on the programmatic elements within the park.

White frosted letters simulate the ice of the park skating rink and juxtapose the layered birch plywood backdrop, which pays homage to the robust vegetation of the open lawn areas used heavily in the warmer months. The donor recognition installation becomes an extension of Maggie Daley Park itself, engaging the visitor experience within an interior space.

Park Signage & Wayfinding

Drawing on the success of the Donor exhibition, M-O was asked to explore a wayfinding strategy for the park as well as extend the design across park signage.

Additional donor signage elements are mounted to railings to become landscape features, making the park itself the backdrop. Signage design reflects the spirit of the architecture, integrating wayfinding elements seamlessly into the field-house experience.

The strong typography of the donor wall is carried through into these elements to help convey the friendly yet activity driven quality of the park.


Client: Chicago Park District
Architect: Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
Fabrication: Burling Builders, Western Remac Inc.
Photography: Tom Harris, select photos from M-O


Archigraphia Redux, 2016